What is your Refund policy?

If you purchased an CarVINreport History Report and are not 100% satisfied, you qualify for a refund if:

  1. You have not, nor has any member of your household, received a refund from CarVINreport within the last 12 months, and
  2. You have run two or less CarVINreport Reports on your Account, and
  3. Your refund is requested within 90 days of purchase, and
  4. You have not used the CarVINreport Report for commercial purposes or otherwise violated our Terms of Use.

You should contact Customer Service and request a refund if you paid $24.95 for a full CarVINreport History Report but only received a VIN Decoding.(Please note that you may choose to purchase a VIN Decode Report for $1.99 if a full report is not available.)

Another reason to request a refund would be if you purchased a $24.95 Credit but then found that we do not have a report available for the VIN you wish to search.(Please note that you may choose to save your purchased Credit to search a different VIN.)